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x50, x100

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Asset security

WhiteBIT in the top 3 of the most secure world crypto exchanges according to cer.live

Stable trade

The core of our exchange trade was optimized with a large number of transactions. We have a sufficient liquidity pool to work with major traders.

Lowest commission

We provide the best offers and products for both new and regular users of our platform, constantly increasing the number of crypto-enthusiasts

Available Pairs on WhiteBIT

The first contract of our platform is USDT-M, and the trading pair is BTC-PERP. Below, you can explore more combinations for trading cryptocurrency futures on WhiteBIT.

Dynamic 24h
Min 24h, USDT
Max 24h, USDT
Volume 24h, USDT

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  • II quarter 2022

    Start of futures trading

    Futures trading has become available both on the web version and in our mobile application

  • II quarter 2022

    Functional expansion

    Adding new functions and order type

  • III quarter 2022

    New pairs

    You will find a wide variety of pairs for futures trading with the most popular crypto assets

  • 2023

    Expansion of the WhiteBIT Futures Universe

    We will add more futures trading options to maximize your trading experience!

  • 1st quarter 2023

    Functionality expansion

    Enhancement of funding calculation principles and PnL calculation. Addition of risk indicator.

  • 2nd quarter 2023

    New pairs

    Addition of new futures pairs.

  • 3rd quarter 2023

    Functionality expansion

    Addition of TP/SL and higher leverage for futures trading.

  • 4th quarter 2023

    Adding TP/SL when issuing an order

    Adding TP/SL for open position and higher leverage levels for futures trading

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