Digital Gift Cards

Headliners of your wishlist! Choose a card to pay for goods and popular services to your liking, pay with crypto, and wrap a full range of joyful emotions in one link because it's that simple!

Benefits from Buying Gift Cards on WhiteBIT

Reduced fees, an account manager, cool merch. We offer you only the best.

  • Easy Access

    Any WhiteBIT user who has verified their identity (KYC) and activated 2FA can purchase a digital Gift Card

  • Convenient Choice

    Having specified the country of your choice, you will immediately see a list of cards available for your region or the region of the person who will use it

  • Cryptocurrency Payment

    No withdrawals and exchanges – choose the card of your choice and pay with cryptocurrency directly from your Main balance

  • Instant Availability

    After paying for the card, you will immediately get access to it and be able to send it to the selected person in the form of a link

Make a Wish, Choose Your Gift Card

To make it more convenient, use a filter to find the suitable card based on your country and categories.

You’re Three Steps Closer to Your Card

If you’ve passed KYC and activated 2FA, proceed to a Gift Card application!


Indicate a Region

Choose a country and view a collection of shops and services available for your region


Pay with Crypto

Buy a desired Gift Card with cryptocurrency from your Main balance


Make a Present

The next step is up to you – send the card to a friend, relative, or loved one by simply copying the link or use it yourself! Make sure to send it in time, as the card will have an expiration date


What Is a Digital Gift Card?

A digital Gift Card is a gift card that can be purchased for cryptocurrency by exchange users who have confirmed their identity (KYC) and activated 2FA. The card exists only in electronic format and is intended for store payments and popular services.

For Which Services Can a Digital Gift Card Be Used?

You should indicate your country of residence or the country of the person who will use the card. You will see a list of services for purchasing a Gift Card.

Who Can Buy a Gift Card?

A digital gift card can be purchased by exchange users who have confirmed their identity on the exchange (KYC) and activated 2FA.

How to Buy a Gift Card on the Exchange?

If you are a registered exchange user with activated 2FA and a verified account, go to the "Gift Cards" section, indicate the country, choose a card from the available list, indicate the amount, and pay with cryptocurrency from your Main balance!

Digital Gift Cards

Wrap joy in a Card discover a world of choices among stores and services, pay with crypto, and enjoy instant gift delivery

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