WhiteBIT Crypto Market Making Program

Low fees and rebates for market makers. All the tools and support to help you trade more efficiently.

    $1B Spot Daily Trading Volume

    427 Spot Pairs

    $0 Futures Daily Trading Volume

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WhiteBIT Crypto Market Making Program

Most favorable terms

Get rebates and discounts based on your maker volume on the WhiteBIT platform in the past 30 days.

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Futures fee rates


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A solid foundation for professional trading

WhiteBIT offers a complete solution to meet all the needs of market makers and institutional traders.

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Get direct access to the exchange and trade faster with the lowest ping.



Create sub-accounts for better performance tracking across assets.

Flexible API

Flexible API

All types of trading orders and transactions are available via API.

VIP Support

VIP Support

Institutional traders receive personal 24/7 support via messenger.

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Where Are Your Servers Located?

Our servers are located in Europe. They provide low-latency connections for efficient trading with strict data protection to safeguard sensitive financial data and ensure regulatory compliance.

What Trading Fees Do You Charge?

Trading fees on WhiteBIT do not exceed 0.1%. Our crypto market-making program is volume-oriented, and the fees can go as low as -0.01% for makers and -0.02% for takers for spot trading, as well as -0.01% for makers and -0.025% for takers for futures. By holding our native exchange’s coin, WBT, maker fees can be reduced by up to 100% and taker fees by up to 90%. Our VIP program also provides trading fee discounts. VIP customers may benefit from rebates of up to -0.001% for makers and as low as 0.03% fees for takers.

What Functionality is Available Through Your Api? Is It Possible to Access Data and More?

WhiteBIT API offers private and public endpoints and complies with the OAuth 2.0 standard for secure data access. It allows crypto exchange market makers to deposit and withdraw funds, transfer funds between balances, check wallet balance and history, use WhiteBIT Codes, perform order management, see order history, and convert funds. Our API empowers you to seamlessly integrate and leverage our platform's tools on your website, enhancing convenience and business capabilities.

How Many Registered Users Are on Your Platform, and Where Are They Based?

We have over 4M users spread across 4 continents: European Union (EU) – 60%; Asia – 22%; South America – 15%; Africa – 2%; Other – 1%.

What Is Crypto Market Making?

Crypto market-making is a trading strategy in which a trader or a crypto market-making company continuously places buy and sell orders for a specific cryptocurrency pair. Market making in crypto ensures market liquidity and facilitates smoother trade execution for other traders, reducing the likelihood of significant price fluctuations (slippage).

How Does Crypto Market Making Work?

Crypto market makers are traders or firms acting as intermediaries, continuously placing buy and sell orders for specific cryptocurrencies on a market-making platform. They profit from the spread, which is the difference between buying and selling prices. At the same time, market makers help maintain liquidity and reduce price volatility in the market. This process typically relies on automated algorithms that adjust orders based on market conditions to ensure a balanced supply and demand for the cryptocurrency.

What Are the Benefits of Crypto Market Making, Particularly on Your Platform?

WhiteBIT Market Maker Program offers significant fee discounts depending on their trading volume -0.01% for makers and -0.02% for takers on the spot, and -0.01% for makers and -0.025% for takers on the futures market. While market maker in cryptocurrency benefits from capturing the spread between buy and sell orders, users have lower trading costs and a smoother trading process.

How Does Crypto Market Making Differ from Traditional Market Making?

Cryptocurrency market making involves digital assets, operates 24/7, and relies heavily on advanced technology and automation due to the crypto markets' volatile nature. On the other hand, traditional markets have greater maturity, deeper liquidity, and fixed trading hours. Counterparties in the crypto market making can range from retail traders to institutional investors, while conventional market makers typically interact with established financial institutions like brokers.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Crypto Market Making Services?

There are several risks associated with crypto market-making services, such as: 1. Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile, posing a risk of sudden and substantial price swings that can lead to losses. 2. Low or fragmented liquidity makes executing trades at desired prices difficult. 3. Evolving and varying crypto regulations can introduce uncertainty and compliance challenges. 4. Intense competition may lead to tighter spreads and reduced trading profitability for a cryptocurrency market maker.